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It is highly recommended to ensure the availability of stock before making any payment.Online payments will be available through SSLCOMMERZ digital payment gateway. Additional gate fees will apply to online payments. If any payment requiring a refund can take 10-15 working days and may cost you additional costs, any additional deductions at the time of payment will not be refunded. All terms and conditions of payment will be maintained by SSLCOMMERZ.


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In the event that a product listed on our website is labeled incorrectly due to some typographical error, information, technology or other error, dhopcol at its discretion reserves the right to reject and / or cancel any product specification and immediately amend, correct and / or remove inaccurate information. Additionally, all hyperlinks to other websites from dhopcol are provided as resources to customers looking for additional information and/or professional opinion. Dhopcol is not responsible for claims and / or submissions made on these or other websites.


The customer needs to provide proof of purchase (invoice, cash receipt) in order to claim a warranty. The customer will pay the shipping costs sent for all warranty services. dhopcol reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. dhopcol cannot guarantee the compatibility of items. Please contact the manufacturer directly if you have any problems or concerns about compliance. 


Physical damage to any product purchased from dhopcol will effectively void warranty coverage Improper installation, physical damage, burn case, removed or mild stickers, liquid damage or misuse of any product will invalidate the warranty. As a result, dhopcol will refund any physically damaged products back to the customer at the expense of the customer.

WARRANTIES: ALL PRODUCTS SOLD WITH MANUFACTURER WARRANTY and dhopcol is a retailer only. Products sold by dhopcol are not manufactured by dhopcol. Products, however, may be subject to individual manufacturer’s warranty, service, and support policy (if any). Dhopcol offers and transfers to customers any manufacturer’s warranty, and the customer agrees to be eligible for assistance only under those warranties and in contravention of the product manufacturer. Dhopcol does not represent any reasonable warranty for the product other than the one stated in this document. Dhopcol rejects all warranties, express or implied, in respect of any such product, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability and competence, and any other warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

All dhopcol products are sold in an “as-is” form e.g., such as packaging manufacturers etc. In the event that any of these items fail, malfunction or malfunction in any way following their purchase dhopcol will repair the product / supplier. The buyer will bear the cost of shipping the product to dhopcol.

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